GMAX MD01 Modular Snowmobile Helmet

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  • GMAX MD01 Modular Snowmobile Helmet
  • A traditional modular snow helmet with a front that flips up and out of the way with a push of a button
  • The MD01 does have the flip-down internal amber sun visor. This visor has a anti-fog coating.
  • Large eye port for excellent field of vision
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • New removable, adjustable, washable SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax® interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting to keep you dry and comfortable. Coolmax® wicks moisture away from your body and dries quickly
  • Charcoal bamboo fiber keeps odors away by eliminating bacterial growth
  • Integrated multi-function red LED rear light included. This can be turned on and used to help that you are seen by other riders on the trail
  • Comes fitted with standard dual lens snowmobile shield and breath guard
  • Built in speaker pockets for communication systems
  • Optional electric shield available
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  • See below for sizing chart link
Sizing Chart Link
GMAX Snowmobile Helmet Sizing Charts

Welcome to our GMAX snowmobile helmet sizing chart page. These GMAX snow helmet sizing charts are also featured on each product page.

Remember that sizing charts are based on averages. They work for most people.

First, you measure for helmet fit:
Wrap a measuring tape around your head just above your eyebrows. Be sure to pull the tape comfortably snug. Take several measurements, to make sure you have the largest one. This is your circumference.
Second, determine the GMAX  helmet size that is right for you:
Adult Sizing Chart
 Circumference of Your Head in Inches  Your GMAX Helmet Size
21-1/4"  to  21-5/8"   XSmall
22"  to  22-7/16" Small
22-13/16"  to  23-1/4" Medium
23-5/8"  to  24" Large
24-3/8"  to  24-13/16"    XLarge
25-3/16"  to  25-5/8" XXLarge
26"  to  26-3/8"   XXXLarge
Youth Sizing Chart
 Circumference of Head in Inches  Your youth GMAX Helmet Size
19-11/16"  to  20-1/16" Youth Small
20-7/16"  to  20-7/8" Youth Medium
21" Youth Large

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