Canadian Customers

If you want to reach us by phone, use our customer service number at 607-693-1031 M-F 9am to 8pm EST. Our 1-800 doesn't work in Canada.

If you are in Canada and are interested in purchasing any of the snowmobile goods we offer, we would love to help you out. The only problem is we are not setup to ship directly into Canada and shipping into Canada results in expensive shipping and brokerage fees.

To over come these obstacles, we can ship the order to a destination within the United States. We've done this many items over the past 10 years and it works very well.

If you are wondering what destinations in the US we are referring to, consider the following:

  • Have your order shipped to a relative or friend in the United States. In this case, simply use their address as the ship to address. We do this quite often. Of course then you'd have to arrange for getting the item from the relative or friend to you. You'll also want to review the possible duties and taxes you might incur upon re-entry into Canada.
  • Have your order shipped to a Border Store. What is a Border Store?
  • Use a Package Forwarding Service What is a package forwarding service?

What is a Border Store? Border Stores are businesses located in the US along the US and Canadian border that accept shipments on the behalf of Canadians. Border Stores simply accept the package on your behalf for a small fee. If you plan on going this route, you'll want to review the possible duties and taxes you might incur upon re-entry into Canada.

Below is the list of Border Stores we are aware of:

  • Rydens Border Store located in Grand Portage, Minnesota. They accept the package on your behalf for a fee. You'll have to go there to pick it up.
  • Ship To The Border They offer multiple locations located along the US and Canadian Border.Visit this page on their website for complete details on their services.

What is a Package Forwarding Services? Packaging Forwarding Services businesses accept packages on your behalf, can arrange payment for merchandise on your behalf, can ship packages directly to you and usually help with determining duties and taxes. In case you can't travel to the border to pickup your order, or if we have a problem processing your payment you'd want to use this option.

Below is the list of Package Forwarding services we are aware of:

Some things to note before ordering.

Returns and Exchanges. We allow returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. The one problem you'll face is if you ship the item from within Canada back to us. First you'll have to pay shipping back to us. Second, there are custom and duties you would be responsible for. We can't issue any refund or process an exchange until we receive the item back.

If you are using the Border Store option and are picking the items up in person you should inspect and if appropriate try the item on right then and there. If you determine you need to make a return or exchange do it right then and there. Don't take it back up into Canada with you.

We do not refund shipping fees, there is a 10% restocking fee on returns, no restocking on exchanges but all exchanges incur a $12 shipping charge. Its your responsibility to get any refund for duties and or taxes paid to any Canadian governmental body.

Ship the item to us at Belden Motosport, 115 Allen Road Port Crane NY 13833. Be sure to indicate who you are and your order number. You need to indicate if its a return or exchange. If a exchange, what you want in exchange.

When will your order ship and when might you receive the order? Most orders ship in about 3 days. And usually you can expect to receive your order in about 10 days from ordering in most cases.

In some cases we might not be able to process your credit card. If that is the case you'll have to use one of the package forwarding services mentioned above or we will bill you through Paypal.

Customers are responsible for paying all duties, taxes and other fees assessed by the Canadian government. Any duties, taxes or additional fees incurred are not included in the shipping costs. Note that most of the products we offer are manufactured in China.

All transactions are in US dollars.

Our 1-800 number does not work if you are in Canada. Use our customer service number at 607-693-1031 M-F 9am to 8pm EST.