Modular Snowmobile Helmet Buyers Guide

Shopping for a modular snowmobile helmet can be confusing. There are numerous manufacturers and models of modular snowmobile helmets. This article provides you an overview for help picking out a the modular snowmobile helmet that will be right for you.

First, whats a modular snowmobile helmet? These helmets feature a front that flips up and out of the way. Usually there is a button or two buttons under or near the chin bar which when pressed will unlock the front of the helmet. This will allow you to lift the front up and out of the way of your vision. The flip front is meant to allow you to keep the helmet on while you stop and have a conversation. Also, modular type snowmobile helmets make it easier for those who wear glasses as modular snowmobile helmets offer more room in that area.

Second, what does a modular snowmobile helmet come with that differs from your standard snowmobile helmet? Modular snow helmets comes with most of the same features as a regular full face snowmobile helmet. This will include a dual lens snowmobile shield and a breath guard (also known as a breath box.) These modular snowmobile helmets are also available with the dual lens electric snowmobile pre-installed.

Third, what brands offer modular snowmobile helmets? There are a wide range of brands which offer modular snowmobile helmets. To be honest, you pretty much get what you pay for. For example, there are some really inexpensive modular snow helmets out there which frankly have alot of problems. That is why we dont carry really inexpensive snowmobile helmets. Next, you'd be surprised to know that many of the better quality snowmobile helmets are very similar. You do have your choice of brands ranging from those modular snowmobile helmets offered by the sled manufacturers to quite a few aftermarket brands.

The brands we carry include HJC modular snowmobile helmets, GMAX modular snowmobile helmets, Scorpion modular snowmobile helmets and Z1R modular snowmobile helmets. We have vetted these brands which means we've felt comfortable in selling them for many years. Snowmobilers have few issues with these helmets other than normal wear and tear.

When shopping, you need to keep in mind that you need to get the right size of snowmobile helmet. To help with that we feature sizing charts on each of the product pages as well as at our snowmobile helmet fitment page. If you have a really big head, then we suggest looking at the HJC line of modular snowmobile helmets as they offer some helmets in the 3XL to 5XL range.

If you are ready to go shopping visit our modular snowmobile helmet department. If you have more questions feel free to contact us