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Prefer Ordering Over The Phone? Call Us At 1-800-394-8232 10am to 4pm EST

Snowmobile Bib Fitment Tips

Welcome to our snowmobile bib fitment tips page.

Use the following guidelines for determining what size snowmobile bib is right for you.

1. Reference the provided manufacturers sizing chart. Each product has a Sizing Chart Tab located next to the description of the product. (The products description is located under the products image.) This tab has general sizing guidelines and the manufacturers sizing chart.

You can also find sizing charts at the bottom of the each page.

Or reference one of the following snowmobile sizing charts:

2. You'll need a cloth tape measure or a string and a ruler and someone to take your measurements. Each sizing chart has instructions concerning how to measure for fit.

3. Be honest with yourself concerning your measurements. For men, make sure you consider if you have a belly or gut. In some cases your belly or gut will be larger than your waist measurement.

For women, take into account if you are "hippy" or large in the bust area. Note, if you do not find a ladies size that meets your measurements. You can try some of the mens apparel.

4. Sizing charts are based on averages and work for most (80% to 90%) of the people out there.

5. Children are the most difficult to fit.

6. Remember, if the bib does not fit. You can return or exchange it.

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