Snowmobile Boot Buyers Guide

No one likes cold feet, especially while snowmobiling. That's why when you go to choose your next set of snowmobile boots its good to put some thought into it. Making sure you get a set that will keep you warm and comfortable should be a big concern to you.

The information presented on this page is meant to help you make that choice. When you are done reviewing this information be sure to visit our snowmobile boot department where you'll find a wide selection of snowmobile boots.

Shopping guidelines for snowmobile boots

Choices in styles of boots

Most snowmobile boots have similar designs. Some of the common differences in boots are:

  • Do they lace up or close with Velcro
  • What is their coldness rating
  • Whether the internal liner is removable or not
  • How flexible they are
  • Some boots are designed specifically for women. Most boots are unisex.

There are some boots that are very stiff. These are usually marketed toward sno-cross rides and racers.

Will these boots fit me?

Determining whether the boots you choose will fit will depend on whether you're able to try them on in person before buying or ordering them via mail order. Some boots run true to size while others run either a size small or larger. Be sure to consider the sock you'll be wearing with the boots when ordering them.

Major brands of snowmobile boots

There are several major brands of snowmobile boots. The best known major brands are:

Where to buy snowmobile boots

Your choices for places to shop are:

  • Find a local dealer that carries snowmobile boots
  • Order your snowmobile boots from a mail order company

If you decide to order your boots via mail order, then visit our snowmobile boot department. It features brand name snowmobile boots.