Snowmobile Clothing Buyers Guide

If you are going to ride a snowmobile, one of the more important things to consider is what you are going to wear while riding. What you choose as your snowmobile apparel outfit can either make your ride enjoyable and comfortable or miserable and dangerous.

Determining what apparel you'll need to make your ride enjoyable and safe can be determined with some common sense and a little guidance. If you are the type of rider only going out in pleasant weather then you have less to be concerned with than someone who ventures out no matter what the weather.

Read on below for helpful tips in choosing your snowmobile apparel.

What apparel you'll need for snowmobiling

Your base layer

For starters you are going to need a base layer. Gone are the days of wearing jeans or cotton underwear under your snowmobile outfit. There are products specifically made for using as a base layer under your snowmobile outfit. The key thing to remember is that don't wear anything made of cotton. You can learn more by visiting our snowmobile layering  page.

Your bib or pant

The snowmobile bib or pant you choose will protect your legs and part of your torso from the outside elements. When deciding on what bib or pant to go with, think about how active a rider you are. Next you'll have to consider sizing. The question you are going have to ask yourself is, will this fit me. Determining what size is going to fit you can be tricky. Ideally you'd be able to try them on in person before buying, but often this isn't an option because few dealers carry snowmobile apparel. So in the case of ordering order the internet, you're going to have to consider several factors to determine what size to order. Visit our snowmobile bib and pant page to learn more about them.

Your jacket

Next, you'll have choose what snowmobile jacket to go with. There are a wide variety of snowmobile jackets on the market today. The entry level jackets tend to be made from a fabric that has a water resistant coating with the more expensive jackets being made from Gore-tex or a Gore-tex like material. You can learn more by visiting our snowmobile jacket page.

Your helmet

Wearing a snowmobile helmet can save your life as well as protect you from the outside elements. There are a variety of helmets to choose from. These include full face, modular and sno-cross style helmets. Choosing your helmet can be based on a combination of how you want it to function, fitment and color scheme. Visit our snowmobile helmet page to learn more.

Your gloves or mittens

Keeping your hands warm and dry will be very important to you. Your hands are an extremity that are subject to frost bite if not properly protected. You have the choice of either gloves or mittens. Gloves give you greater dexterity but mittens might keep you slightly warmer. You can learn more by visiting our snowmobile gloves and mittens page.

Your boots

No one likes cold feet so choosing the appropriate snowmobile boots will make for a more enjoyable ride. There are several styles of snowmobile boots. Some are designed for sno-cross riders as these boots have a stiffer sole. Most boots are made for the average rider. You can learn more by visiting our snowmobile boots page.

Major brands of snowmobile apparel

There are several major brands of snowmobile apparel. The best known major brands are:

Each brand tends to carry several lines of apparel. Each line is targeted to a different style of rider. In many cases they make a certain style for a few years and then discontinue it to make room for newer models.

If you're ready to start shopping, visit our snowmobile apparel department.