Snowmobile Cover Buyers Guide

Protecting your sled when you are not riding it is probably important to you. You want to keep dust and the weather from damaging it. That is were a snowmobile cover comes into play.

Determining what cover to buy for your snowmobile can be confusing. You need to know if the cover is going to fit your sled. The information presented on this page is meant to help you make that choice. When you are done reviewing this information be sure to visit our snowmobile cover department where you'll find a wide selection of snowmobile covers at discount prices.

Shopping guidelines for snowmobile covers

What do you want the cover to do for you

When shopping for a sled cover, think about how you are going to use the cover. The most basic question is, do you want to use the cover while hauling your sled on your trailer or just when storing it. Some covers are designed for use while trailering your sled and some are not.

Will this cover fit your sled?

You'll also need to consider whether the cover you are looking at will fit your sled or not. Some covers are custom fit meaning they are designed to fit a specific snowmobile. Other types of covers are universal fit and come in various sizes.

Where to buy your snowmobile cover

Your choices for places to shop are:

  • Find a local dealer that carries covers for snowmobiles
  • Order your snowmobile cover from a mail order company

If you decide to order your cover via mail order, then visit our snowmobile cover department. It features covers for most major brands of snowmobiles such as: