Snowmobile Glove Buyers Guide

Keeping your hands warm while snowmobiling can be difficult. Your hands are an extremity and are far away from your core body heat. So the gloves you choose to use while snowmobiling will be very important. Many people also want to maintain some dexterity in their fingers for handling keys and other small objects.

The information presented on this page is meant to help you make that choice. When you are done reviewing this information be sure to visit our snowmobile gloves and mittens department where you'll find a wide selection at discount prices.

Shopping guidelines for snowmobile gloves or mittens

What type of rider are you and in what type of weather do you ride

Think about the type of rider you are and the types of weather you ride in. If you are a casual rider and only ride on nice days then lower priced entry level gloves or mittens will work for you in most cases. If on the other hand you are a more aggressive rider and/or go out no matter what the weather, then you'll want a set of gloves with more advanced features. An easy rule to remember is that the more features a gloves has usually the higher its price and the greater its breath ability.

Major brands of snowmobile gloves

There are several major brands of snowmobile gloves. The best known major brands are:

These brands usually carry a few different models of gloves. Models usually range from entry level to more advance gloves. In most cases these will be made for a few years and then discontinued to make room for newer models.

Where to buy snowmobile gloves

Your choices for places to shop are:

  • Find a local dealer that carries them
  • Order your gloves from a mail order company

If you decide to order your gloves via mail order, then visit our snowmobile gloves and mittens department. It features brand name snowmobile gloves at discount prices.