Snowmobile Helmets With Electric Shield Buyers Guide

Looking for a snowmobile helmet with an electric shield? What to reduce icing and fogging on your snowmobile helmet shield? This article gives you a run down of why you might want to use an electric snow shield on your snowmobile helmet.

Most full face, modular and dual sport snowmobile helmets are available with a dual lens electric shield pre-installed or can be fitted with one. These electric shields have a built in heating element, that when powered on heat up the shield slightly. This heating action can reduce icing and fogging on the shield in many types of conditions. This is their main advantage over a regular dual lens snowmobile helmet shield.

The electric snow shield will come with a power cord that you hook up to your sled. Most power cords have a standard end which can be hooked up to most sleds.

Electric snow shields do cost more than your standard snowmobile shield. They are very useful for snowmobilers who ride in all types of weather conditions. These electric shields aren't meant to heat the insides of a helmet.

How to add an electric snow shield to your helmet - If you already have a snowmobile helmet and what to add an electric snow shield you first have to remove the current shield and then install the electric shield. There are some helpful guides which you can reference. These are:

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