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Prefer Ordering Over The Phone? Call Us At 1-800-394-8232 10am to 4pm EST

HJC IS-MAX 2 Mine Modular Snowmobile Helmet

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    • HJC ISMAX 2 Mine Modular Snowmobile Helmet
    • This is the latest version of the ISMAX helmet. Mainly differs from the previous models of the ISMAXs in that it has the frameless dual lens snow shield design which saves a little weight and gives a little wider range of vision
    • This is a modular helmet which means the front jaw and face section can flip up and out of the way
    • Has the flip down or up internal sun visor with one touch
    • Features a lightweight advanced polycarbonate composite shell
    • Has the new frameless design which features increased field of vision and integrated exhaust ventilation system to help remove hot air from building up and fogging the shield interior
    • Cheek pads are removable
    • Moisture wicking interior is removable and washable
    • DOT approved
    • Comes with breath box and chin curtain
  • HJC Helmet Sizing Information 607-693-1031
    Welcome to our HJC helmet sizing page. This page indicates how you measure for helmet fit and how you determine the HJC size that fits you. You should note that the HJC sizing chart is based on averages, it works for most people.
    First, You measure for helmet fit by:
    Wrap a measuring tape around your head just above your eyebrows. Be sure to pull the tape comfortably snug. Take several measurements, to make sure you have the largest one. This is your circumference.
    Note: Due to varying shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured by a tape may not necessarily fit the same size helmet.
    ********The final sizing decision will be that of the customer's.********
    Second, determine the HJC helmet size that is right for you.
    Adult Sizing Chart
    Circumference of
    Your Head In Inches
      Your HJC Helmet Size
    20" to 20-1/2" = XXSmall
    20-7/8"  to  21-1/4" = XSmall
    21-5/8"  to  22" = Small
    22-1/2"  to  22-7/8" = Medium
    23-1/4"  to  23-5/8" = Large
    24  to  24-3/8" = XLarge
    24-3/4"  to 25-1/4" = XXLarge
    25-5/8"  to  26" = XXXLarge
    26-3/8" to 26-3/4" = XXXXLarge
    27-1/4" to 27-5/8" = XXXXXLarge